Registration at a Branch

In case any of the abovementioned requirements is not met, you will have to visit one of our Branches in order to complete your registration to our eBanking services.

Alternatively, you can complete your registration by visiting one of our branches and signing all required documents, such as the application form, the contract etc. When the registration is completed, you will receive a temporary username and password.  and then you must change them upon your first sign-in to eBanking.

In case you are a legal person, then the legal representative is needed to visit the preferred branch in order to carry out the registration, sign the necessary documents (application form, contract etc.) and receive the access codes (username and secret password).

Apart from submitting the necessary legal documents, the legal person must have already opened an account and have a relevant representation into the banking system.

You can authorize another person to manage your subscription to the eBanking service; depending on the legal form of your company, you will be required to provide further documents concerning the authorization.

As a legal representative of the enterprise, you can create users who may submit orders (payments, transfers etc.) and then you can check them before approving final execution.