Learn more about the responsibilities and obligations of the Cooperative’s highest body.

  • The General Assembly of Partners is constituted pursuant to legislation and the Bank’s Articles of Association, as laid down at any given time, reaches decisions on every cooperative case and represents all partners; its legal decisions bind all registered partners.
  • It meets in ordinary session at the Bank’s headquarters once a year and within six months after the end of the previous financial year, following an invitation from the Board of Directors. Moreover, the Board of Directors may call a General Assembly in extraordinary session, as may be deemed necessary.
  • An extraordinary General Assembly is obligatory convened at the request of one tenth (1/10) of members but of no less than 3, addressed to the Board of Directors; the request must outline all subjects for discussion.
  • Αll members (partners) of the Cooperation participate and vote in the General Assembly.

More information with regard to the responsibilities and obligations of the General Assembly is included in the Bank’s Articles of Association.