The ChaniaBank Credit Card

The credit card that enables you to withdraw cash from ATMs, carry out transactions and purchases anywhere in Greece, abroad and online.

Main features

  • Ability to use the card in Greece, abroad and over the internet

  • Withdrawal from all ATMs in Greece and abroad

  • Ability to make purchases through POS devices with contactless transaction technology

  • Ability to shop online with strong customer authentication (SCA)

  • Free of charge and unlimited deactivation/reactivation of the contactless use of the card through the Bank’s ATMs

  • Ability to pay your obligations to services and organizations located EFT / POS machines (e.g. Tax Office, P.E.I., etc.) or via the internet with the 3DSecure service

  • Purchases with interest-free installments in stores / businesses that provide this possibility

  • Free subscription for the first year and the possibility of issuing an additional card  to a first grade relative  with half the subscription after the first year

  • Free monthly statements of the transactions made through your credit card

  • Link your deposit account for cash withdrawal in Greece from any ATM

  • Ease of payment:

Required Documents

In order to apply for a VISA or Mastercard credit card you will need the following supporting documents:

  • Identity Card or Passport

  • Recent income tax statement

  • A bill from a Public Utility Organization or any other document certifying your address

  • Certificate of employment in case you are an employee

Where applicable, you may be asked for additional documents. Please visit a Branch or contact Customer Service (2821025500 ext.: 5).

Need help?

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no restriction on the amount of transactions as long as you do not exceed the credit limit of the card.

You can, by using your credit limit or by debiting the deposit account where your card is linked.

The maximum cash withdrawal limit from ATMs in Greece and abroad from your card credit limit is 1,000€ per month.

VISA / MASTERCARD credit cards can be used for cash withdrawals through ATMs around the world, for transactions through POS terminals with the physical presence of the cardholder with contactless transaction technology and for transactions over the internet with the 3DSecure Service.

Approach the card on the POS device without entering the PIN. The maximum limit without using a PIN is 50€/per transaction. Over five (5) transactions or more than 150€, without time limit, it is required to enter the PIN.

You should contact one of  our branches and fill in the relevant application form

Your monthly bill can be paid free of charge:

The ChaniaBank credit cards can be paid through other banks (charges may apply).

The credit card transactions are detailed in the monthly statement sent to your address free of charge.  If you are a subscriber to the eBanking service you can also see your detailed transactions at any time.

In case of theft or loss of the card you must immediately call 210 62 44 937 which operates 24 hours a day