Learn more about the companies of the Cooperative Bank of Chania Group, which further establishes its position in the market with Kritika Akinita S.A., Chanion Simmetohes S.A. and Kritikes Simmetohes S.P.C. as its main drivers.


KRITIKA AKINITA S.A., of which the Cooperative Bank of Chania holds 74,46% of shares and exercises command over, owns today a vast real estate portfolio of significant commercial value, which includes urban income properties, such as “OLEA” mall and an underground car park at Platanias, building sites for future development, building areas in advantageous spots with the potential of holiday housing development, areas within urban planning zones (areas under special zoning regulations).

In collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chania, through the company Epixeirimatiko Parko Chanion A.E. (Chania Business Park S.A.), a new business park was laid out at a 515-acres area at Malaxa district of Chania. It is an ambitious project that will cover the need for a modern and organized receptor of local entrepreneurship, offering a definite solution to a yearlong problem that occurred due to the lack of spatial planning and land management at the Prefecture of Chania. Infrastructure works are already in progress (completion percentage: 50%) and are expected to be completed within this year. The project is funded by “Jessica” Program and the two Cooperative Banks of Crete.



CHANION SIMMETOHES S.A., of which the Bank holds 100% of the shares, participates in:

  • ABEA (ANATOLI S.A.), one of the oldest enterprises of Chania, founded in 1889. The company is active in bottling and trading Cretan olive oil, processing oilcake and production of olive soap and employs 20 workers. After sustained efforts, the company became profitable, upgrade quality-wise its products and continues efforts to promote products in foreign markets.
  • VIO.HYM S.A. employs today 24 workers and has been producing for decades excellent quality juice from fresh Cretan citrus fruit. Its priorities include the modernization of the production unit and the relocation to new establishment with significantly increased production capacity.



KRITIKES SIMMETOHES S.P.C., of which the Bank holds 100% of shares, participates in:

  • Hiotaki Bros Industrial and Commercial S.A. which promotes Cretan diet products and their benefits. The company employs today 120 workers and implements a project of relocation and modernization, subsided by the Development Law, aiming to upgrade quality-wise its products, increase productivity and establish a prominent place in relation to the competition.
  • Viomichania Epexergasias Galaktos Kritis A.E. (Milk Processing Industry of Crete S.A.), founded by the Cooperative Bank of Chania and supermarket chains KA. SYN.P.E., H. Halkiadaki S.A. and Kylindromyloi Kritis A.E. The company produces pasteurized goat milk and cheese from Crete and sells them under “Vero Kritiko” name, utilizing the existing production site of Kriaras S.A. at Heraklion, Crete.

The Bank’s subsidiaries are strongly active in the areas of renewable sources of energy and sustainable development by participating in companies that operate and control photovoltaic parks in various areas of the country and in companies that engage in the areas of building and maintenance of photovoltaic parks.