Get to know our new, updated eBanking!

Enjoy a complete overview & full control over your finances from the convenience of your computer or laptop.

Get instant access, whenever you want, from any device, to your accounts and cards balance and statements, manage your banking products, transfer money at any time, carry out payments safely and quickly through the renewed, up-to-date, user friendly and fully secure environment of the Cooperative Bank of Chania eBanking.

Transactions approval with one-time password

At the Cooperative Bank of Chania, the new eBanking process approving transactions changes! The existing e-Token devices used for transactions approval are replace by one-time password (OTP), sent as text message to the mobile number you have provided to the Bank.

Learn more about the eBanking Registration process, either through the Online Registration Process, either through a visit in Branch (Registration Process at a Branch).

Register using only your mobile phone and your card!

Are you a private investor, self-employed or sole proprietor? Complete your registration to eBanking services quickly, easily and simply, without having to visit a Branch, simply by using your card and mobile phone.

Full overview & management of your finances from your computer!

The Cooperative Bank of Chania eBanking offers an array of transactions based on the current Bank policy and specific conditions and requirements governing products/services operation.


Overview, payments & transfers
  • View your balances and statements of your savings and/or overdraft accounts
  • Design your online time deposits on your own terms
  • Monitor and manage your reserve at any time
  • Transfer funds between your own accounts and to third-party accounts of the Cooperative Bank of Chania
  • Transfer funds to beneficiaries of other banks in Greece and abroad
  • Give instructions for Standing Orders between your accounts and to other clients of the Bank
  • Program payments to third parties or future transfers and/or standing orders
  • Upload payroll and other mass payments files or enter multiple transfers
  • Create, process and remove lists of beneficiaries for easy transfers to third parties
  • Carry out online multiple collection or payment transactions to public and private organizations and entities through DIAS interbanking system
  • Get informed on debt of your credit card and monitor statements of any card of our Bank (debit and/or credit)
  • Pay the credit card you have at the Cooperative Bank of Chania or any other bank in Greece
  • Have access to electronic copies of your statements with the option to print or save them
  • Have access to your account statements with an option to:
    • Print or save the statement in .pdf or .xls format
    • Search for a specific transaction
    • Create a filter to limit transaction types
    • Select a specific period of transactions
  • Monitor your cheques and place orders for chequebooks
  • Monitor your expenditures to collect expenses based on the online transaction you have carried out
Management of your account & products
  • Indicate when the system requires change of password
  • Determine which banking products you hold in our Bank you want to get informed for or carry out transactions from
  • Specify your “favorite” usual transactions
  • Create “friendly names” and save your transactions data, so you don’t have to reenter their data each time you wish to carry out the same transactions
  • Assign users, in case you are a sole proprietor or self-employed, who can help you register order/transaction. Following, you check and approve task execution
  • Search for payments and/or transfers from the history of your transactions
  • Manage your personal profile data
  • Apply your own transfer/payment limits that reduce chances of mistakenly transferred capital from your account to their parties
  • The Bank contacts you through safe electronic messages

“Single sign-on” service: one password for all your accounts!

As legal representative of a legal person you do not have to hold multiple access codes (one for the enterprise and another as an individual). You activate “single sign-on” service by visiting one of our branches and with one single password you can manage multiple accounts (corporate and personal).

Need help?

  • You must be a private investor (natural person, self-employed or sole proprietor)
  • You must have an active (debit or credit) card issued by the Cooperative Bank of Chania
  • You must provide the Bank with your mobile phone number
  1. Fill in your card’s 16 digits
  2. Fill in two (2) of the four (4) digits of your card pin
  3. Accept after reading:
    • The eBanking services terms of use and
    • The eBanking services contract
  4. Choose the mobile phone number which you have presented the Bank with and you wish to receive the one-time password (OTP) via the Viber application or via text message. (One-time passwords (OTPs) ensure a high level of security and replace e-Token devices. The password is unique, generated once and used only for a single transaction)
  5. Fill in the six-digit temporary code sent as text message
  6. You will be redirected to a screen where you can create your preferred username, state your email and finally create your secret pin (password), following the provided instructions for creating a secure password
  7. Your registration is successfully completed, and you can enter eBanking and browse through your accounts/products

In case any of the abovementioned requirements is not met, you will have to visit one of our Branches in order to complete your registration to our eBanking services.

You can complete your registration by visiting one of our branches and signing all required documents, such as the application form, the contract etc. When the registration is completed, you will receive a temporary username and password and then you must change them upon your first sign-in to eBanking.

In case you are a legal person, then the legal representative is needed to visit the preferred branch in order to carry out the registration, sign the necessary documents (application form, contract etc.) and receive the access codes (username and secret password).

Apart from submitting the necessary legal documents, the legal person must have already opened an account and have a relevant representation into the banking system.

You can authorize another person to manage your subscription to the eBanking service; depending on the legal form of your company, you will be required to provide further documents concerning the authorization.

As a legal representative of the enterprise, you can create users who may submit orders (payments, transfers etc.) and then you can check them before approving final execution.

If you forgot your username, go to the login page of eBanking and choose > “I forgot my username”. You will be then redirected to a screen asking you to insert two of the four digits of your card PIN, just like you did when you first registered to eBanking. After you complete the procedure, you will receive a  message to your mobile phone to reset your password.

Alternatively, you can contact by phone any branch of the Cooperative Bank of Chania.

One-Time-Password or OTP reinforces security during your electronic transactions. More specifically, in order to have full access and the ability to carry out transactions (administrative and financial), you will have to provide a one-time password (OTP) for increased security. OTPs are required after you access eBanking only for carrying out specific/certain transactions.

One-time passwords are generated or send via messages, without cost, to the mobile number you provided on your application form.

In order to reset your password online, follow the steps below:

  • Click on “Did you forget your password?” on the eBanking service homepage
  • Fill in the mandatory fields with your card number and two digits of your pin
  • Fill in the temporary password sent  to the mobile number you have provided to the Bank
  • The process is completed by creating a new password, following the on-screen safety requirements and confirming your email when signing in with your new password

Alternatively, you can contact by phone any branch of the Bank.

When you need to set a new password, the following rules must be met before it can be accepted:

At least 1 number digit

At least 6 characters

At least 1 unique character

At least 1 lowercase letter

At least 1 uppercase letter

At least 1 special character

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