Our vision is to be a bank for the social economy, open to all, especially to small and medium-size enterprises and their employees associated with every area of activity and vital presence of the Bank.

Our concern is to make every effort to create a bank with modern structures, a human side, healthy foundations, high profitability and safe operation, with devoted staff and clientele.

The Cooperative Bank of Chania follows the 7 Principles of the International Cooperative Association:

  • Open and Voluntary Membership
  • Democratic Member Control
  • Members’ Economic Participation
  • Autonomy and Independence
  • Education, Training and Information
  • Cooperation Among Cooperatives
  • Concern for Community


At a time when the competitiveness among Banks primarily depends on the friendliness of their services and their ability to adjust to the needs of specific groups of financial activity, the values of the cooperative idea, our experience from the problems customers face when transacting with banks and the know-how we have developed in support services, create a valuable capital and a comparative advantage, confirmed and rewarded by our Bank’s growth and potential.

Our knowledge and customer-oriented approach makes our priority to detect and cover personalized needs. Aiming to provide high-quality services, we put all effort to creatively seek and find mutually beneficial solutions. At the same time, our Bank’s simple yet effective structure makes our direct response and swift decision-making our best qualities.

Our network and activities constant expansion, the supply of additional products and services, the demands of the institutional framework, the safeguard of the Bank and customers against any form of risks, the monitoring of the market, the commitment to the detection, utilization and creation of opportunities and innovative proposals consist challenges for us, but also a commitment for our continuing improvement.

Recognizing the contribution of people to our consistent development and achievement of our objectives, the Bank of Chania invests in its human resources and provides for the following:

  • Proper staffing through unimpeachable recruitment and candidate skills evaluation systems
  • Equal opportunities for learning and career advancement to all our employees
  • Education and growth of our staff with the use of up-to-date methods and specialized tools
  • Quality management of human resources through policies and procedures
  • Promotion of constant reward climate for the effort and setup of a uniform workplace culture
  • Constant information utilizing not only daily contact, but also up-to-date tools and ways of two-way communication
  • Creating a safe workplace environment