We put support measures into action

In order to temporarily assist affected individuals who were consistent with their financial obligations on 31/12/2019 or 31/3/2020, we offer until 30/6/2020:


  • possibility of suspension of amortization payments from 1/3/2020 until 30/6/2020
  • increase of loan duration or redistribution of remaining installments
  • extension of credit lines until 30/09/2020


The Cooperative Bank of Chania will examine your request, perform inspection and provide access to support measures without additional cost.

In addition to the above-mentioned support measures of, the Cooperative Bank of Chania, enterprises and professionals can also be subject to the program «Interest Rebate for Existing Loans of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises that are affected by measures taken against COVID-19» of the Ministry of Development & Investments.

Eligible aid beneficiaries are small and medium-sized enterprises that operate in Greece, regardless of their legal form.

Useful info

You can provide by email or in person completed and signed the Application Form for instalment deferral for those affected by COVID-19 or any other request.

For further information, visit any of the Cooperative Bank of Chania Branches.