What Monthly Income is

A time deposit with a three- to twelve-month duration with a fixed interest rate; interest payment takes place at a monthly basis and is automatically credited to your account of choice (e.g. savings account).

Main features

  • Interest rates are determined by the deposit amount

  • The deposit amount may vary between €5.000 and €1.000.000.

  • Past due interest payment is available every month (due date is determined by the time deposit start date) with no extra cost

  • In case you perform an early withdrawal, you are subject to a penalty affecting the accrued interest, determined by the withdrawal amount and the days remaining until maturity; in any case, the original capital is not affected whatsoever.

Required Documents

In order to open an account at the Co-operative Bank of Chania, you will need the following documents:

  • ID or Passport

  • Recent income tax statement

  • A bill from a Public Utility Organization or any other document certifying your address

  • Certificate of employment in case you are employed

  • A current phone bill confirming your phone number.


Where applicable, you may be asked to provide further and/or different documents. Please visit or contact any Βranch of the Cooperative Bank of Chania.