Learn how the staff of the Cooperative Bank of Chania works as defined by our Code of Conduct.


External employment

Employees do not have the right to conduct business for their own account; undertake or interfere with additional personal projects on behalf of third parties; participate in boards of joint-stock or other companies; have any other participation or partnership with other companies without prior written approval of the Bank.


Banking secrecy

All staff members are bound by the confidentiality clause and duty of allegiance, thus are obliged to not leak out and also take all necessary measures to prevent confidential information and documents or data of the Bank that are considered important and may be characterized as confidential and/or classified from leaking.

Confidentiality obligation includes, without limitation to, everything brought to the attention of staff members while in performance of their duties and are connected with the Bank’s customers; the Bank’s progress of work; systems and methods the Bank uses; the transactions of the Bank; all measures taken by the Bank in order to ensure its interest during transactions, its property or securities it has been appointed to save and manage; and generally, anything that takes place in the Bank and has entirely confidential character. Employees who violate the confidentiality clause commit a serious disciplinary misconduct and the Bank reserves every legal right to seek the reparation of its interests and take disciplinary actions, including discharge of employees


Other staff obligations

Staff members are obliged to exercise due diligence when performing their tasks and defend and promote by any means the interests of the Bank. They are responsible for any action or lack thereof that causes damages to the Bank; must devote their knowledge and expertise to the company’s progress; must arrive at their workplace at the pre-arranged time; and must respect working time obligations.

Every staff member should fully observe the Bank’s Rules of Procedure and the Administration’s orders. No staff member is allowed to accept, either directly or indirectly, gifts due to performance of their services or to secure for themselves or their family other benefits and assets. Staff members must respect hierarchy when seeking settlement for employment situations or any other disputes that may affect their workplace behavior or performance, so that implication of non-authorized employees or non-authorized departments is avoided.

Staff members must demonstrate willingness and impeccable behavior, not only when communicating with customers, but also when communicating with each other (in writing or orally). Due to the special nature of their work, staff members should pay special attention when undertaking obligations as principal debtors or guarantors. Staff members must not cause damages to the workplace and the assets of the Bank and are obliged to use them with due care and diligence. Staff members are obliged to attend the Bank’s educational programs (seminars, conferences and any other relevant form of education), in order to improve their level of training.


Policy against money laundering

In the context of the obligation arising from the legal and regulatory framework on the prevention and suppression of money laundering and terrorist financing (AML/CFT), the Cooperative Bank of Chania adopts the appropriate policy, consistent with the Bank’s goals of attracting customers, countries of operation and transaction networks it employs. Customer evaluation concerning the risks they represent, and their managements is supported by the Bank’s informatic system, as it examines with due care every transaction that may be related to money laundering. This kind of transactions are, as a general rule, extraordinary and suspicious transactions.

Apart from taking the aforementioned measures, providing staff members with more specific instructions, so as to acquire a better insight on the customers’ financial capacities, consists a necessary measure to carry out their relevant obligations.


Reports & Complaints Management Policy

The goal of the Reports & Complaints Management Policy of the Cooperative Bank of Chania is to create the framework for early detection of irregularities, deficiencies or indictable actions during the Bank’s procedures. According to the Reports & Complaints Management Policy, the staff members of the Cooperative Bank of Chania are obliged to report serious irregularities, deficiencies or indictable actions that come to their attention and concern the Bank’s procedures. An essential and inviolable principle of the Reports & Complaints Management Policy is the protection of anonymity and confidentiality of personal info of the employees who submit such reports and safekeeping of their current post and future professional development.