Implement your investment projects that participate in operational programs (NSRF, Development Law, EFEPAE programs etc.) with the help of the Cooperative Bank of Chania.

Helping enterprises implement investment plans

Information services and funding

We are here to help you grow your business, by supporting your investment projects that are part of an operational program such as:

  • National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF)
  • Development Law
  • EFEPAE programs etc.


We provide information services through our specialized staff, so you can design and implement your investment the best way possible.
Moreover, we support you with:

  • Medium-term fixed assets loan, included in the funding scheme of your investment plan.
    Get informed in detail on the Fixed Assets Loans the Cooperative Bank of Chania offers.
  • Short-term loan with assignment of grand, providing the option to repay 80% of the operational program funds you are eligible for, with the respective voluntary assignment.
  • Option to receive for a Letter of Credit, in order to receive advance payment of part of the grant, according to the prerequisites each operational program sets.


Videos about the use of the State Aid Information System

(videos available in Greek)