Learn more about the various Departments established with a view to promote proper function and better organization and coordination of works of the Cooperative Bank of Chania.

Human Resources Division

Its tasks include:

  • constant supervision, improvement and renewal of administration methods and human resources management
  • recruitment and staffing, as well as attending to issues concerning the professional development, compensation and continuing education and training of staff members


The Human Resources Division performs its duties according to the Rules of Procedures and reports to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. It submits an annual report of its activities to the Management.


Public Relations Division

Schedules, organizes and promotes the Group’s activities. Its tasks include:

  • communication & marketing, aiming at promoting the Bank’s initiatives to the public
  • design of brochures and leaflets
  • Customer Complaint Management**


It reports to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. It submits annual reports on promotion activities, the public relations budget, the Corporate Social Responsibility program and the marketing strategy, in accordance to the Bank’s overall action plan.



The Arrears Management Division is responsible for centrally managing and monitoring all exposures in arrears and non-performing exposures for the entire portfolio of the Bank, from the stage of pre-arrears through to their cancellation.

The Arrears Management Division operates independently of the rest of the Bank’s operational structures, especially of performing credit management, and reports to the Chairman of the BoD.

The following sections belong to the Arrears Management Division:

  1. Temporary Arrears Business Unit
  2. Permanent Arrears Business Unit

The Temporary Arrears Business Unit is responsible for managing and monitoring non-performing exposures until termination of contract. Upon termination of contract and initiation of legal actions, the management of such cases is transferred to the Permanent Arrears Business Unit.


Branch Network Division

Its purposes are:

  • utilizing regional markets
  • monitoring and supervising network operations throughout execution and supply stages
  • improving their quality


The Branch Network manager is the highest regional headquarters administration officer of the Bank, having the responsibility to represent, perform necessary supervisory work and coordinate the support of regional production units.

The Division submits an annual report of activities to the General Manager, which includes reporting on the development of branches under its supervision, current market trends and opportunities to further develop the Bank’s operations. In addition to the above, the Brach Network Division submits reports and statements regarding the annual budget forecasts, the annual review, the business plan etc.


Financial Services Division

It is responsible for the Bank’s financial activities.

It reports to the Vice Chairman of the BoD and its main missions include:

  • proper, early and legally in order registration of transaction and other activities that form the Bank’s figures
  • preparation of financial statements that illustrate the financial position and effectiveness of the Bank’s operation

Its main purpose is to cover the financial, accounting and tax needs of the Bank, the financial control of the various organizational units and to prepare the Bank’s financial statements, business plan and budget, according to the Board of Directors guidelines and in cooperation with the General Manager.

Regarding reserve management, its main mission is to secure the funds required for the development of the Bank, manage all kinds of available funds and utilize products and services supplied by banks and financial institutions, in accordance to the Management’s decisions. It submits a short annual review at the end of each year, summing up each Division’s activities.


General Management

The General Manager is responsible for the Bank’s day-to-day proper operation and achievement of the goals set by the BoD.

The General Manager’s tasks include:

  • coordinating all organizational units of the Bank
  • overseeing whether the BoD policies, actions and goals are properly observed
  • informing the Chairman of the BoD on any problems and/or submitting proposals for their resolution


The General Management submits an annual report of activities to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, concerning the Bank’s general operation, strategic planning, budget, financial statements and any other matter falling with its competence.


Division of Organization and Operational Support

It consists of the Subdivision of Network Operations and M.I.S., the Logistics Department and the Insurance Products Department.

Its mission is to:

  • revise procedures
  • contribute to improvement of productivity of the Bank’s Brach Network
  • upgrade the quality of offered products and services within the context defined by the Administration
  • create new banking products


In order to achieve the above missions, modern-day requirements and the evolution of the Greek and international environment are taken into consideration.

The Division of Organization and Operational Support ensures that the Management, Management services and Branch Network are informed on any kind of issues that concern the Bank’s operation. To this effect, it sends official documents by email, signed by the Director of the Division, regarding the establishment of new procedures that require immediate compliance; instructions towards another administrative unit of the Bank; explanatory documents to the Administration; presentations in digital format to inform staff members about changes or developments on products or methods.

The Division of Organization and Operational Support submits to the Management a short report at the beginning of each year, which records the Department’s activities for the past year, per subdivision and department.



 Credit Division reports to the Bank’s General Management and includes the Financing Department and the Co-financed Programs Department.

The main mission of the Credit Division is to monitor the Bank’s credit, inform Management and submit proposals for the improvement of lending in general or on a case by case basis, through the committees it participates in and the procedures governing its operation.

The work of the Division includes developing and submitting reports on the Bank’s relative figures.

The main mission of the Division is complemented by the support of network operations, redesign of procedures, communication with the branch network and carrying out tasks along with the rest Divisions.

The Manager of the Credit Division supervises the credit procedure of the entire Bank, including initial requests, revisions, underwriting and acceptance or refusal of requests.



The Informatics Division reports to the General Directorate and includes the following departments:

-Applications Development and Maintenance

-Computer Processing and User Support

-IT Systems, Applications, Telecommunications and Networks Management


The mission of the Informatics Department is to:

  • support the Group’s work with the required and most appropriate IT and Telecommunication Systems, within the context defined by the Management
  • develop or acquire new and maintain and improve existing IT systems, in order to ensure the proper and safe operation of the Bank
  • manage Central and Regional Computer and Telecommunications Networks
  • maintain the Bank’s Informatics Databases and continuingly update them, in accordance with its relevant and estimated needs


Legal Service

The main mission of the Legal Service is to provide quicker and more detailed assistance to the Bank on issues that require legal and judiciary services. As a Support Unit of the main productive work of the Bank, it is dissociated from administrative projects, which are not operationally consistent with its goals. It exclusively provides legal services, as defined and evaluated by the Administration of the Bank. Its mission and main criterion of success is to simplify and speed up its contribution to the Bank’s productive process, by providing early and effective legal and judicial support to the Bank’s services.



The mission of the Credit Operations Unit is to centrally manage the implementation of decisions of the credit approval capabilities throughout the whole process up to drafting of contract documents and securing collateral.

It reports to the General Manager and its main missions is to introduce and modify client’s credit limit, drafting, inspection and safekeeping of credit approval documents, managements of letters of guarantee, inspection and systemic approval of cheque books issuance and inspection of regularizations of Legal Persons-clients of the Bank.

The Unit is also responsible to run centrally the Cheque Clearing Office.

The Legal Service

  • Is staffed by lawyers, according to the Bank’s judgement and needs, who report to the Head of Service
  • Issues opinions, suggests/proposes or recommends upon cases on written requests from the management bodies of the Bank and the Division managers, provided they include all necessary data
  • Is authorized to ask from all Management Services and Branches data or information necessary to perform its duties (required data should be provided as soon as possible)


The Legal Service executives submit at least once a year a report to the General Manager concerning the issues they handled within the previous period. Moreover, they compile periodic reports on the Service’s activities.


Investments Division

The mission of the Investments Division is to:

  • receive and transmit orders on behalf of clients to financial instruments (products) traded on the Securities Market of the Athens Stock Exchange
  • offer services and carry out duties resulting from the associated specialty, in accordance with legislation regarding the financial sector


The Investments Division consists of the Manager and of staff members certified by the Bank of Greece to receive and transmit order in transferable securities. It submits an annual report of activities to the General Manager of the Bank.


**Customer Complaint Management

It includes complaints/charges of clients concerning the Bank, collaborates with the units concerned in order to properly resolve the complaint, is responsible to answer in writing to the trading parties within a reasonable time from the submission of the complaint, as well as to inform the Board of Directors on the progress of the complaint and consult with BoD members for properly resolving a specific incident, if it happens to reach that level.