What Personal | Payroll Overdraft is

An option Bank of Chania offers, so you can always have cash at your disposal through overdraft from your checking account, without having to pay installments.

Main features

  • Personal Overdraft: For those who want to overdraft cash easily and make payments/deposits whenever they can, the Cooperative Bank of Chania offers an Open Checking Account with Overdraft; your only obligation is to pay interest semi-annually.

  • Payroll Overdraft: For those who hold a payroll account at the Cooperative Bank of Chania, we offer the possibility to overdraft cash from your Payroll Checking Account with favourable interest.

    Floating interest rate, according to standard rates for consumer loans, plus inflation rates, determined in accordance to the borrower’s credit rating and submitted guarantees.

    Option to repay in full the loan at no additional charge.

Required Documents

In order to make a loan request at the Cooperative Bank of Chania, you will need the following documents:

  • ID or Passport

  • Recent income tax statement

  • A bill from a Public Utility Organization or any other document certifying your address

  • A current phone bill confirming your phone number.

Where applicable, you may be asked to provide further and/or different documents. Please visit or contact any Βranch of the Cooperative Bank of Chania.