It is the highest administrative body of the Bank with principal responsibilities for policymaking, taking all important decisions and controlling its normal course of action. The Bank’s Board of Directors term of services is four years and upon expiration all consultants may be re-elected.

Board Members (as formed in a body during the meeting No. 825/25-10-2021)
Chairman Marakakis Michail father’s name Emmanouil (Full Μember Εxecutive)
Vice-Chairman Androulakis Georgios father’s name Charalambos (Full Μember Εxecutive)
Secretary Perivolakis Alexandros father’s name Vasileios (Executive Member)
Treasurer Farantakis Georgios father’s name Iosif (Executive Member)
Members Apostolakis Emmanouil father’s name Aposotolos (Executive Member)
Apostolakis Spyridon father’s name Nikolaos (Executive Member)
Vamvoukas Anastasios father’s name Dimitrios (Executive Member)
Koulierakis Ioannis father’s name Efstratios (Non-Executive Member)
Malandrakis Ioannis father’s name Ioannis (Non-Executive Member/ independent member)
Baourakis Georgios father’s name Michail  (Non-Executive Member/ independent member)
Ntokakis Dimitrios father’s name Vasileios  (Executive Member)
Sperelaki Maria father’s name Theodoros (Non-Executive Member/ independent member)
Chiotakis Iosif  father’s name Iosif (Non-Executive Member/ independent member)

The Vice-chairman of the BoD is also Vice-chairman and Managing Director of “Kritika Akinita S.A.” subsidiary and other subsidiaries of the Bank. Special committees consisting of BoD members operate within the framework of the BoD, while other are subject to its supervision (such as the Audit Committee, the Safety Committee, the Procurement Committee and others).