Forget the stress that comes with bill and debt payment! Connect your bank account to the Cooperative Bank of Chania and pay off all your financial obligations, easily and free of charge.

Payment of regular bills & financial obligations

Automatically and in due time!

Settle all your financial obligations and forget overdue bills and extra charges. Visit one of our Branches, fill in an application form and connect your bank account. Especially when it comes to regular and recurring financial obligations, the Cooperative Bank of Chania simplifies payments through DIAS DIRECT DEBIT interbanking system.

If you are not satisfied with this service or prefer to handle your financial obligations on your own in the future, you can recall the order at any time and cancel all future charges of your bank account.

Through Standing Orders you can pay:

  • Phone (landline or mobile) and Internet bills (OTE, Forthnet, etc.)
  • Social security payments (EFKA, OAEE, OGA etc.)
  • Public Utility bills (electricity, water, etc.)
  • Insurance companies (Allianz, ING, etc.)
  • Car financing bills Λογαριασμούς
  • Credit card bills
  • Bills issued by other companies
  • Donations toward charity organizations (ActionAid, Médecins sans Frontières, etc.)


We update constantly our standing orders service and add new options of paying companies or organizations. Visit your nearest Bank of Chania branch and get informed in detail