Security of transactions

  • In case the personal security code (PIN) is entered incorrectly three (3) times, the card is automatically withheld
  • Audio / Visual signals and screens guide you through the steps of each transaction, warning you in case you forget your card or cash at the ATM
  • In case you forget your card or money at the ATM, despite the notifications of the machine, then immediately the ATM will withhold them.

Instructions for using your card more safely

  • In any case, DO NOT mark your personal PIN number on the card or in a medium kept next to it
  • If you suspect that your PIN has been leaked, change it immediately through the ATMs or ask our bank to send you a new one
  • Change your personal PIN frequently

Safe ATM usage

  • Make sure you have received your card, cash and receipt after each transaction
  • Cover the ATM keypad with your hand or an object when entering your password at ATMs
  • Make sure people around you are at a safe distance
  • Do not accept help from third parties
  • If your card is withheld or lost, contact our bank immediately or call the number displayed on the ATM screen (210.62 44 937)
  • Under no circumstances should you trust any phones that are stuck on the ATM

Safe use when making purchases

  • Enter yourself your PIN at the terminal of the trader. During the transaction, do not disclose your PIN to a store employee or any other third party
  • When entering the PIN, make sure it is not visible to third parties
  • Check the billing slip on which your card details are listed. Keep a copy of the receipt given to you by the store
  • Do not hesitate to show your identity if requested. This is for your protection only
  • Do not lose eye contact with your card during the transaction
  • When leaving the point of transaction, make sure you got your card
  • Do not send your debit or credit card details via fax, email, etc.
  • It is possible to deactivate/reactivate the contactless use of the card through the Bank’s ATMs