Services provided by the Investments Department

The Cooperative Bank of Chania operates as an exclusive tied agent of Solidus Securities S.A. and offers the following restrictively indicated services through its Investments Division:

  • Advertising of investment and ancillary services that Solidus Securities S.A. can offer to existing and potential clients
  • Receipt and further transmission of clients’ orders concerning investment services or financial instruments
  • Mediation for placing financial instruments

The Investments Division:

  • It is staffed by the Chief and other certified employees, responsible to receive and transmit orders in securities, in accordance with article 93 of Law 4514/2018
  • Supports opening new investment accounts for clients or activating existing ones by collecting the required documents in accordance to legislation and mediating in filling in all necessary documents
  • Informs daily clients/interested parties on equity prices at the Athens Stock Exchange and valuation of portfolio through an online system
  • Receives and transfers orders by the Division’s clients for shares listings on the Athens Stock Exchange
  • Is responsible for the performance planning of proceeds or the fee paid for acquiring financial instruments, as well as any kind of credit, i.e. dividends or fees resulting from portfolio holding
  • In case clients of the Division wish to participate in corporate actions of listed securities, i.e. share capital increases or takeover bids etc., ensures the required process is followed according to Solidus Securities S.A. instructions