Knowing and managing our human resources performance, as well as compensation, all kinds of staff payments and benefits and the comprehensive human resources management, makes a special area for interest and work scope of the Human Resources Department.

Performance evaluation

Our Bank’s staff evaluation system pertains to the staff members’ development, recruitment, transfers to higher responsibility posts, education, benefits and salaries.

The basic performance indicators assessed are:

  • Perception
  • Judgement
  • Team spirit – Cooperation
  • Adaptability
  • Initiative – Creativity
  • Professional consistency
  • Professional conduct
  • Managerial skills
  • Quality of work
  • Knowledge – Personal development
  • Consumer orientation (internal or external customers)
  • Human resources evaluation and development


Moreover, the staff performance evaluation process takes into consideration their total professional profile and their intention to contribute to our constantly growing Group.

 Compensation, Benefits & Social Policy

The renumeration policy (approved by the Board of Directors) is formulated in accordance to the business strategy, risk-taking policy, values and long-term goals of the Cooperative Bank of Chania.

Regular salary depends on the employee’s civil status, professional experience, responsibilities and gravity of their post in labor market. That way, we succeed in attracting capable employees, while securing the preservation and further growth of our experienced and specialized staff with skills that provide an added value to the Bank.

In order to create a better workplace environment, the Bank offers further financial and social benefits to its staff, contributing to the increase of their income and the improvement of their standard of living.

Some of the benefits we offer are:

  • Group Insurance Policy providing hospital and outpatient care services, which in most cases and in combination with social security may cover 100% of medical expenses.
  • Distribution of part of the profits, as decided by the BoD
  • Favorable provisions in a multitude of banking products (housing and consumer loans, savings payroll account with overdraft, credit cards)
  • Computer allowance
  • Childcare allowance
  • Use of company mobile phone
  • Use of company car by directors
  • Financial aid to newlyweds
  • Accommodation of employees and their families at the Bank’s private holiday homes
  • Free participation in selected cultural and art events
  • Organizing festivities for the employees’ children


Policies and respective compensation and benefits systems work as a constant performance and self-improvement motivation, ensuring at the same time objectivity, meritocracy and utmost transparency at the Bank. They also comply with the decisions of the Bank’s Board of Directors, its mission statement, the Labor Legislation, Labor & Employment Regulations and all Collective Labor Agreements. Lastly. Lastly, they have been drafted in a clear and concise way, in order to be understood by the staff that gets informed about their establishment and practical implementation.

Security & Hygiene at the workplace

The Bank is fully aligned with all legislation provisions regarding hygiene and safety at work. Being particularly sensitive towards these issues and through its network of safety officers and occupational doctors, it takes all necessary measures and takes into account any recommendation and advice concerning hygiene, safety and accident prevention, in order to create workplaces with aesthetically and ergonomically high standards and a modern, healthy and safe workplace environment.

More specifically, safety officers inspect and record any problems they detect, which subsequently technical services proceed to repair. Occupational doctors visit workplaces to provide information on medical issues and offer advice for adopting protection measures, as well as advice for the employees’ health in private on-site workplace visitations.