Audit Committee

The main duties of the Audit Committee include: monitoring and evaluating at an annual basis the sufficiency and effectiveness of the Internal Control System; the assessment and supervision of the Bank’s financial statements setup procedures; monitoring the control conducted by chartered accountants; submitting proposals to the BoD for the selection of chartered accountants and ensuring their independency; submitting proposals for identified weaknesses; monitoring the implementation of measures decided by the BoD; submitting proposals for specific areas that are in need of increased control etc.


Special Coordinating Committee for Informatics

Evaluates Informatics’ short-term and long-term plans, the risk analysis and management related to informatic systems; assesses and approves the supply of equipment and software; supervises Informatics’ big-scale projects and budget; defines responsibilities etc.


Asset – Liability Management Committee (ALCO)

Determines the policy on the allocation of capital sources; curates the business strategy and tracks the Bank’s cash flow, profitability and risks.


Safety Committee

Determines the management policy for the Bank’s safety; submits to the administration proposals for the Safety Policy upgrade; records and assesses possible risks and undertakes necessary measures to deflect them; composes safety regulations, notifies the network on new regulations and monitors their implementation; organizes and coordinates meetings among the Bank’s managers so they can reach relevant decisions.


Procurement Committee

Coordinates all procurements, implementation of projects and services of third parties on behalf of the Bank and approves supplies withing the Bank’s budget.


Real Estate Committee

Manages the Bank’s property; sets up invitation to tender for selling the Bank’s real estate and new stores building etc.


Sponsorship and Promotion Committee

Meets whenever the need arises. It examines requests for the Bank’s promotion in various media or sponsorship requests for other bodies.


Outsourcing Committee

Responsible for outsourcing agreements, withing the meaning of Annex 1 of Governor’s Act 2577/2006, as replaced by Annex 1 of Governor’s Act 2597/31.10.2007; for the assessment of operational risk and the respective functions in general.


Appeals Committee

Based on Law 4224/2013 as applicable (GGG 2376/02.08.2016 d. B’) chapter 1οD., in the context of implementation of the Revised Code of Conduct of Law 4224/2013 as applicable (GGG Β 2376/02.08.2016 d.Β’ chapter 1ο D.) and the Arrears Resolution Process (ARP), the Appeals Committee purpose is to seek extrajudicial settlement the borrower might ask for, as defined by existing legislation, according to which any negative decision of Appeals Committee may be subject to review.