The  ChaniaBank Mobile App offers you convenience, speed and security in daily banking transactions from your mobile device.

Using the ChaniaBank Mobile App for your transactions, you will have:

  • 24/7 access  wherever you are as log as you have access to  an internet connection.

  • high level of transaction security

  • easy-to-use and friendly user interface

Main Features

  • See in detail the balances and transactions of your accounts, cards, loans and time deposits.

  • At any time make and plan money transfers  to our bank or other banks in Greece or abroad.

  • Pay your debts to organizations through a user-friendly environment.

  • Manage your subscription and the above Banking products


  • Download the ChaniaBank app from the App Store or Google Play to your mobile device

  • Sign in with your subscription details (username and password) you use through the web environment

  • Download the ChaniaBank app from the App Store or Google Play to your mobile device

  • Register online.

    To complete your registration you will need to enter the active debit or credit card number of your Cooperative Bank of Chania card.


  • Complete your transactions securely using one of the  Strong Customer Authentication  methods you can activate (Send o one-time OTP code via Viber/SMS)

  • Download your account and loan transactions to your mobile device in a .pdf format.

  • Get notified  about each transaction  and change of your account and card balances by enabling reception Alerts  through the app’s settings menu.

  • Make payments of loans and credit cards of our Bank, credit cards of other banks, government debts and other organizations.

    Make a quick payment by entering an electronic payment code (RF CODE). Quickly locate the payment you want to proceed with through smart categorization.

  • Transfer funds between your accounts and to third party accounts within the Cooperative Bank of Chania as well as to beneficiaries of other banks in Greece and abroad.

  • Enter orders to automatically perform  transfers between your accounts and other Bank customers.

Personal Management

  • Search for your payments and/or transfers from your transaction history and download the details of each transaction to your mobile device in a .pdf file format.

  • Set your most common payments/transfers as “favorites”.

  • Create “friendly names” and store your transaction details so you don’t have to enter their details every time you want to repeat the transaction.

  • Manage your personal profile information

  • Prevent funds from being transferred from your accounts to third parties by applying your own transfer and payment limits

  • Find out at a glance about your spending per year and by item with the built-in “Expenditure Analysis”.

  • Calculate your tax-free limit using the built-in Tax-Free Calculation tool.

  • With a code, you can track and manage multiple accounts (corporate and individual), by activating the “single sign-on” service, by visiting a branch.

  • Set which banking products and transactions you want to be notified about via push notifications

  • Select your banking products you want to appear in the app

  • Stay informed of your other banks’ products (accounts and cards) that you have linked to your subscription through the eBanking service (browser use) in order to have full control of your finances from one point.

Transaction Security

We use technologies and practices to secure your transactions:

  • Ability to sign in to the app using biometric features (Touch ID or Face ID)

  • Ability to sign-in to the app using a 4-digit PIN set by you.

  • Use one time passwords (OTP) to approve transactions

  • Use of Push Notifications to approve transactions registered by the eBanking service (browser use)

  • Ability to change your password as well as its duration of validity whenever you wish.

  • Ability to immediately activate strong customer authentication methods in order to stop executing transactions (in case of loss of your device).

Download The ChaniaBank Mobile App!

The app is available on Android and iOS