We are proud of our staff members, their high educational level, their disposition to grow and acquire new knowledge and skills.

Moreover, at various times we have employed third-party contractors to either provide consultation services or participate in specialized projects. In constant cooperation with educational institutes (Universities, Technological Educational Institutes), we offer students the opportunity to receive an internship that helps them acquire knowledge, experience and other skills and increases their future employment opportunities.

The Human Resources Department collects, processes and monitors the Bank’s needs in staff; when the need arises, it announces the hiring of regular and emergency staff. As of 31/12/2022, the fixed-term contracts accounted for 0,5% and permanent contracts for 99,5% of the staff.

A few interesting numbers:

  • 78% of staff members hold a bachelor’s degree
  • 31% of staff members hold a master’s degree
  • 53% of staff members are women and 47% men
  • 26% of staff members are aged between 31 and 40


Our people, our most valuable capital

We make sure to staff the Bank with creative people, capable of undertaking initiatives and adapt to modern-day requirements. Thus, the majority of our employees consists of young people; the average age of our employees is 42 years old.

We respect gender equality, giving equal employment opportunities and opportunities for growth at work to men and women.

We aim to constantly improve and modernize our administration and human resources methods, with the comprehensive implementation of the relevant policy on recruitment, promotions, continuing education and training. We ensure the standardized connection and coherence of the Bank’s strategic goals with the training and employment of human resources, aiming to increase our employees’ efficiency, productivity and satisfaction levels.

The main mission of the Human Resources Department is the standardized formulation of employee management policy and regulations through the elaboration and implementation of administration systems, command support and application on recruitment, hiring, transfers, salaries, employment relationships, training and staff evaluation.