Your utility vehicle is covered!

Choose the insurance plan your profession requires

Select among an array of insurance plans the one that meets your business needs and ensure your utility vehicle for every transportation in Greece and abroad.

In case of a car accident, a specialized employee will arrive at the place of accident and perform on your behalf all necessary procedures without charge.

  • All enterprises partnering with the Cooperative Bank of Chania belong to SAP (Direct Pay System – Friendly Settlement)
  • In order to get informed on vehicle insurance and get a personalized offer suitable to your needs, please fill in the form of interest.
  • Download the car accident statement form by clicking here.

New Legal Framework

On 5.5.2014 law 4261/2014 took effect, which amends the previous legal framework governing vehicle liability insurance.
The main amendments of the new law are:

  • Insurance cover starts only after the due premium has been paid; before that, it is prohibited to hand over the premium to the insured person.
  • Insurance cover is established with the insurance contract.
  • Automatic renewal of vehicle insurance is revoked.
  • The special sticker is revoked.
  • Temporary insurance and temporary special sticker are revoked.