Car Insurance

Insure with a prestigious and trustworthy program your main vehicle, for every transportation within or outside Greece. Choosing through a wide array of insurance products, you can be sure your vehicle is fully insured. Moreover, in any case and with no charge, a specialized employee will arrive at the place of accident and perform on your behalf all necessary procedures in case of a car accident.

  • All enterprises partnering with the Cooperative Bank of Chania belong to SAP (Direct Pay System – Friendly Settlement)
  • In order to get informed on vehicle insurance and get a personalized offer suitable to your needs, please fill in the form of interest.
  • Download the car accident statement form by clicking here.


New Legal Framework
On 5.5.2014 law 4261/2014 took effect, which amends the previous legal framework governing vehicle liability insurance.
The main amendments of the new law are:

  • Insurance cover starts only after the due premium has been paid; before that, it is prohibited to hand over the premium to the insured person.
  • Insurance cover is established with the insurance contract.
  • Automatic renewal of vehicle insurance is revoked.
  • The special sticker is revoked.
  • Temporary insurance and temporary special sticker are revoked.

Property Insurance

We insure your house, either privately owned or rented, offering protection from every cause at a low cost.

Recreational Craft Insurance

According to the Minister of Shipping decision 3131/1.6.1994, civil liability towards third parties is required for every motorized and non-motorized yacht. Bank of Chania, aiming to provide the coverage to owners or masters of recreational crafts, offers various insurance programs that meet any need.

Health Insurance and Savings Programs

Through up-to-date and well-designed hospitalization programs, we protect life’s most valuable commodity: our health. More specifically,

  • We ensure the best possible hospitalization conditions
  • We cover up to 100% of expenses, with free selection of hospitalization institute and added hospitalization benefit/allowance
  • We substitute any loss of income


Moreover, the Cooperative Bank of Chania, in collaboration with Syneteristiki Insurance, offers a team Borrower Life Insurance program that aims to cover borrowers in case there is failing in paying their loan. That way, loan reimbursement is secured without transferring debt to beneficiaries/heirs.

Due to today’s financial insecurities, savings are quite important for preserving a living standard and that is why we promote well-thought-of savings programs through our branch network. With guaranteed returns, we provide you and your family with the possibility to satisfy all your future needs.

Individual Civil Liability Insurance

General Civil Liability Insurance against their parties covers the beneficiary’s financial obligations that may arise due to actions or lack thereof that cause bodily injuries or material damages to third-party property.

Investment Insurance products

Maintaining a standard of living even after pension is the primary goal of our well-designed pension programs promoted through our branch network. With guaranteed returns, we provide you and your family with the possibility to satisfy all your future needs.