Having our employees’ ongoing and essential growth as our priority, we design and implement training programs, categorized according to their methodology as follows:

  • New staff orientation seminars aiming to help new staff members adapt faster to the Bank’s philosophy and culture. New employees get familiarized with the policies and processes, participate in foundational training in banking subjects and get to know their colleagues and managers
  • In-house training programs carried out in collaboration with internal or external lecturers, in relation to procedures, banking operations systems and services, specialized skills, knowledge and qualifications development. These programs take place with the method of classroom teaching
  • Distance education and e-learning programs
  • Participations in Conferences, Meetings or Presentations that aim to educate staff on subjects regarding the scope of employment


Moreover, in the context of staff knowledge and skills upgrade, the Bank supports, on a case by case basis, Master’s degree and professional certifications funding, thus connecting the employees’ personal educational goals with the Bank’s goals.

In response to the need of providing specialized services, the Bank provides for the staff’s training and professional competency certification acquisition, in in accordance with Article 14 of Law 3606/2007.
(See the table of the Cooperative Bank of Chania certified employees  (Greek content))

Staffing needs are communicated internally, and relevant posts are covered in order of priority from the existing staff. Internal transfers and changes in the scope of employment aim to best utilize the existing staff members of the Bank and at the same time create greater prospects for development and advancement for our employees.