eBanking Alerts Service

The service provides immediate information  of your accounts transactions, and through these transactions for all of your Cooperative Bank of Chania products and services linked to an account.

It is available through the Bank’s eBanking to individuals and legal entities and offers:

  • three packages to choose the one that suits your information needs
  • immediate notification of transactions and balances of accounts you manage through your eBanking
  • security in your transactions

Notification packages

  • The service offers three eBanking Alerts packages:
Features Notification Packages
Alerts Free Alerts Monthly Unlimited Alerts Yearly Unlimited
Duration Unlimited Monthly Yearly
Notification via email via text sms or/and email via text sms or/and email
Number of Notifications Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cost of service Free 2,4€/month 24€/year

The service provides the following:

  • Automatic renewal of the selected eBanking alert package
  • Selection of the notification text language  (Greek or English)
  • Temporarily disabling receiving messages at “mute times” during which you do not want to receive notifications for any reason
  • Changing the phone number or e-mail address to which notifications are received
  • Choosing the type of transactions and the amount over which you want to receive notifications

How do I get notifications?

The alert is made:

  • by receiving a text message via the Viber application or if for any reason it is not possible to receive a message via Viber, then the message is received via text sms to the registered mobile phone number.
  • by receiving a message at your email address

eBanking Alerts service activation

The service is activated by the user through the Bank’s eBanking.


Necessary conditions for activating the service:

  • Choosing one of the three notification packages
  • Choosing the bank accounts  for which notifications will be received
  • Choosing the type of transactions for which notifications will be received
  • The registration of the mobile phone number and email address that you will receive notifications
  • The declaration of your deposit account number for the monthly or annual cost of the service where applicable.
  • The option to renew automatically or not the selected notification package.1 2
  • Acceptance of the terms of use that govern this service.


If automatic renewal is not selected, you can renew the notification package within the last five days of its scheduled expiration.

In case of automatic renewal option, you should make sure that the account has sufficient balance for the cost of the service to be charged on the renewal date or the notification package will be cancelled.